7/17/14 (x)


Leaving her apartment in NYC 7/22/14 (x)

“I’m dating everyone I go to lunch with, and I fall in love with everybody I date.”

Taylor on the world’s biggest misconception of her (x)


Finding wings in New York City.

7/? favorite taylor swift lyrics - (insp.)

Some days I feel like I can totally handle it and then some days I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope and I’m losing my balance. Because you’re human and you have good days and bad days and up days and down days and that’s just kinda how it works. That’s why writing songs helps me get through all that.

Taylor’s opening speech, talking about how strong Boston is, at Gillette Stadium, July 26th, 2013.

7/19/14 (X)

Taylor singing Mean to a patient at Hasbro’s Children Hospital in Rhode Island 03/31/14 (x)