Taylor Swift Music Videos: Teardrops on my Guitar
"I fake a smile so he won’t see"

Taylor Swift Music Videos → 22
"You look like bad news — I gotta have you!"

Taylor Swift Music Videos → White Horse
"I’m going to find someone someday that might actually treat me well"

Taylor Swift Music Videos → I Knew You Were Trouble
"He was long gone when he met me"

I LOVE your blog. Its perf!!! Mind checking mine out? I'm new on tumblr xx

Thank you SO much!! Sure cutie! :) xx

Hey loves, check her tumblr out! :) ^^

I saw a swift secret and it said imagine a mashup of ikywt and haunted. and that what if the chorus was something like "something made your eyes grow cold, i knew you were trouble when you walked in..." and then back to haunted for the verse, ikywt in the chorus, and so on until the end. "never thought i'd see it break, but you were trouble, trouble, trouble." SOUNDS EPIC

OMG I MUST LISTEN TO THIS REMIX OMG YESSSS. THIS SOUNDS PERFECT AHHHH thank you so much for letting me know about this mix!! :) xoxoxox


Taylor Swift on her mysteriously perfect post-gym look 

That is how everyone looks when they come out of the gym!